LIVALL今夏在美國開放預售,獲得全球媒體熱烈報導 2015.10.04

今年夏天LIVALL智能單車裝備在美國開放預售以來,不僅在美國轟動,還意外引發全球注目,除了超過60個國家的顧客上網瘋狂預購之外,各國媒體也爭相報導LIVALL的新穎概念,我們稍微看看全球知名媒體(包括路透社、T3、YAHOO、Cycling Weekly、Stuff等)所給予的好評與鼓勵吧~~

“I have to admit, the helmet does look rather awesome, lights and all. For hardcore riders, the ability to communicate with other riders via walkie-talkie and to send emergency SOS messages will definitely be USP’s.” – T3
“The $356 smart helmet packs in Bluetooth speakers, walkie-talkie functions, a cadence sensor to measure activity, and a three-axis gravity sensor that can detect falls and send out an SOS alert to a Smartphone contact.  An included wireless remote clips to the handlebars and allows bikers to activate turn signals in some of the built-in 80 LED lights.”-Twice
"New 'smart' helmet lets you make calls and listen to music while you ride"  --  Cycling Weekly
"As the team has aptly named the helmet, the Bling Helmet is jam packed with tech functionality."  --
"Adding lights to a bike helmet is one way to improve visibility at night, but Chinese company Livall has gone a step further – its LED-loaded helmet also serves as a walkie-talkie and sends out an SOS alert when you fall down."  --  gizmag
"Livall Bike Helmet Lights Up, Acts As A Walkie Talkie"  --ubergizmo
“the very first smart helmet to provide bike riders a safer, more joyful experience. Now you can look cool, and ride safe too.”  --  TECHDRIVE


知名製片與導演 TOKYOPOP公司創始人Stu Levy先生也成為LIVALL的粉絲,他同時也是一位洛杉磯業餘鐵人三項的運動員~~


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